Forever Is Now (Song Lyrics)

Where once was blood now molten lava
Surging from the core within
Primal forces stir unchallenged
Shift the plates beneath my skin

Ancient peaks still tower above me

Cast shadows from the place I’ve been

But eyes are fixed on new horizons
Longing for a world unseen

Love me slowly
time is all I have
I’m forever changing
everywhere is in my heart

My geology is now evolving
My geography is redefined,
Landscapes of the new and bygone
Forge a new world intertwined

Where once was fire now chilling ice
Dripping from the words unsaid

Love me slowly,
Time is all I have
I’m forever changing
Everywhere is in my heart

My sun is now glowing
My galaxy will expand
Worlds of the unknown are calling
My reflection is a feline

Wild winds shake my arteries, my veins,
Move the emotions my mind forgets

Conjuring spells for
Who no longer I am
But tomorrow
Tomorrow is still mine

And forever is Now, yeah…

© Syl R. Martin