Integrated Marketing Expert based in Brighton and Hove

Living in Spain TV

My first marketing managerial role (2006 – 2008) was in a new expat British TV station broadcasting on Sky, centred around all things Spain – it was based in Malaga. By then I had several years of professional experience – both in Spain and in the UK – in Sales, Customer Service, Business Development, Graphic Design and Web Design and development. It was a natural progression in my career and having always had a passion for TV and Film I gave the company my all.

Thus, I designed and built the channel´s website as well as all of the shows´ microsites and produced all of our marketing activities online and offline. These are screenshots I have of some of my web design and dev work from that time.

Living in Spain TV – Channel´s website

Living in Spain TV – Some of the shows´ microsites

Additionally, I contributed to acquiring advertisers and partners, worked on the editing and post-production of TV ads for some of our advertisers and supported producers and crews in some filming shoots.