Truth Simply Is (Poem)

Truth has no label,
has no age,
has no creed,
has no colour,
has no gender
or sexual orientation,
has no country,
has no ethnicity
and neither profession;
can’t be bought,
can’t be sold,
can’t be hidden
for too long
in a box,
or a paper,
nor a slogan
or a speech.

TRUTH simply IS.

And Truth is what We Are,
not what we are led to believe.

© Syl R. Martin

Limitless (Poem)

A breakthrough is near,
perhaps already born,
its shade of choice clear
pushed by the fire spear
and there’s nothing to fear
for the fear is now gone.

They made you a warrior
drenched in bloodshed
torn and aggravated
by the inflictor and the simulator
covered in wounds and abandoned.

Yet you’ve discovered
what it is your true strength,
what made you agitated once
now becomes your wealth
and you hold… the final Ace.

Wisdom will be your shield
your heart the rock where to kneel
understanding: your battle field
imagination: your armor’s steel
intelligence: your wheel
resilience: your strategy
humor: the bandages for your fallen
the truth: both your mission and your ally.

You’ve been made for this challenge
for you are a circle of intuition
learned from the darkness
to reveal the light of your scavenge
and the acceleration of your ions.

You are what was, is and will be
flowing in the timeless
the mirror, the source and the everything
you’re energy and abstractness.

You are who decides
the moment, the chance and the why
and where the real meaning lies
what to overcome, what to become
and the nature of your supply.

Rise high in the awareness
that you can go beyond, hurry,
own your pain and your happiness
shape the phoenix of your grandness
your soul is the revolutionary
of the change that carries
consciousness: your blessing.

Don’t you know you can fly?
Fly in the knowledge that
what you think
you are
what you say
you are
what you do
you are
and yet,
unless all of the above align
you’re nothing but gust,
so come on, listen up
don’t you know you can fly?

Fly, fly, fly… LIMITLESS,
ablaze and Alive.

© Syl R. Martin

We Belong (Short Poem)

We belong to the sun, we belong to the thunder,
we belong to the feast, we belong to the hunger,
we belong to the joy, we belong to the anger,

we belong to the lover, we belong to the fighter,
we belong to the wind, we belong to the fire,
we belong to the light, we belong to the dagger,

we belong to the ground, we belong to the dancer,
we belong to the invisible, we belong to all matter,
we weren’t born for a vanilla life, we were born for winter… and summer.

© Syl R. Martin