Multimedia director based in Brighton and Hove

Wonderlance´s Digital Properties & Works

For seven years – from March 2010 to March 2017-, I was the Multimedia Director for Wonderlance Ltd. (closed now). I was completely hands-on and, due to my professional versatility, put on many hats.

Thus, I designed and developed all of the company´s digital properties – as well as produced much of its popular content such as exclusive interviews, articles, quizzes, lists…. I also designed and built some of the agency´s clients´ websites and e-commerce properties.

Below you will find screenshots of some digital properties from Wonderlance´s very early days (The MDM Wonderlance – monthly themed magazine specials – and The Magazine) and a few from later times (Wonderlancer, UnboxifyMe, the Freelance Portal and the W-AMS – an advertisers and affiliates portal).

The MDM specials were animated with cool headers and button effects. Each special had a particular distinctive theme (such as the Christmas / New Year and Valentine´s specials included below) and each page was meticulously designed to match the monthly theme and the particular subject or interviewee. They were unique and a true labour of love for both the reader and those featured in each number.

These are screenshots of some websites and web mockups for the agency´s clients.

Web designer based in Brighton and Hove

Gabinete De Prensa

My first job as a Web Designer and Developer (2004 – 2006) was in a little company based in Granada, Spain, called Gabinete de Prensa, founded by a North American journalist expat. I also assisted Mike (founder and director) in acquiring new private businesses and representing the company in meetings with public clients, such as El Legado Andalusí (The Andalusian Legacy).

Back then, Dreamweaver and Flash were all the rave when it came to web development and online interactive fancyness. Shame I only have a handful of static screenshots from my works back then – though Flash was discontinued in 2020, anyway.