77 Movies with Smart Lines/Dialogues (6)

Nightcrawler (2014)

Lou Bloom: “Will this be on television?”
Joe Loder: “Morning news, if it bleeds it leads.”

Nina: “We find our viewers are more interested in urban crime creeping into the suburbs. What that means is a victim, or victims, preferably well off and white, injured at the hands of the poor or minority.”

Paddington (2015)

Mr. Brown: “It doesn’t matter that he comes from the other side of the world or that he’s a different species or that he has a worrying marmalade habit. We love Paddington. And that makes him family. And families stick together.”

Beasts of No Nation (2015)

Agu: “Bullet is just eating everything, leaves, trees, ground, person. Eating them. Just making person to bleed everywhere. We are just like wild animals now, with no place to be going. Sun, why are you shining at this world? I am wanting to catch you in my hands, to squeeze you until you can not shine no more. That way, everything is always dark and nobody’s ever having to see all the terrible things that are happening here.”

Agu: “I just want to be happy in this life.”

Dope (2015)

Malcolm: “So, why do I want to attend Harvard? If I was white, would you even have to ask me that question?”

Our Brand is Crisis (2015)

Jane: “That’s the world, that’s politics. That’s how it works. It starts out with big promises and ends up with jackshit happening. “

Pat Candy: “You know, when Adlai Stevenson was running for president A woman came into him on a rally one night and said, ‘Every thinking person will be voting for you.’ Stevenson said ‘Ma’am, that’s not enough. I need a majority.’ ”

Jane: “You see, when voters are looking for hope, they always go for the new guy, but when they’re scared, they look for a wartime leader…[…] so let me tell you what our little movie is gonna be about, our story is ‘Bolivia is facing the worst period in its turbulent history…’ […]. This is no longer an election, this is a crisis, and our brand, what we are selling: CRISIS”

Spotlight (2015)

Marty Baron: “Six percent act out sexually.”
Mike Rezendes: “Six percent is 90.”
Walter “ ‘Robby’ Robinson: 90 priests?”
Ben Bradlee, Jr.: “If there were 90 of these bastards, people would know.”
Mike Rezendes:” Maybe they do.”