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Welcome to my website / portfolio!

It contains a small but varied selection of my professional and personal works in different areas.

Versatile and results-driven, I am a professional with 15+ years of experience in the areas of Marketing, Media, Web, E-Commerce and Content Production. Exceptional relationship builder with superb project leadership skills, I am always dedicated to achieve reputation excellence and ever-increasing profit for clients´ ventures and business projects.

Analytical, creative, innovative, multi-culturally aware and quick to adapt to emerging industry trends, I possess a 360-degree view and proven problem solving abilities.

Experience in a variety of sectors, including Technology, Media, Entertainment, Art & Culture, FMCG / Retail, Education, Industrial (Energy and Manufacturing), Travel, Real Estate, Finance, Insurance, ONG, Public Institutions, Health, has helped me to amply develop my vision, adaptability, communication skills and perception of different angles.

With a deep understanding of people and their needs, I can connect easily with different audiences and feel specially fulfilled when I can be of assistance.

Enjoy my portfolio and have a great day!