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Hi, welcome to my website / portfolio!

It contains a small selection of works reflecting several of my abilities.

My professional profile is that of a generalist, but I specialize in content strategy and production as well as its marketing and related communications.

Throughout my career, I have played several roles in the digital sector as well as managed entire projects from concept to launch. My knowledge and experience range from the creation of web pages and online stores to the full branding of businesses, artists and institutions; from digital marketing, SEO / SEM, content production and writing, copywriting and commercial video production to social media management and PR.

All of these have allowed me to amply develop my strategic vision, creativity, versatility, adaptability, innovation, communication skills and stylistic sense, as well as my natural empathy. It is quite easy for me to see both the big picture and the details, as well as look at things from different angles, deeply understanding people and their needs.

If, after having browsed my portfolio, you believe that I am exactly the professional you are looking for, please, do not hesitate to contact me. I am open to offers from selected entities.

Have a great day!