What Type of Love Do You Manifest The Most?

What is love? Most of us think of romantic love when confronted with this question, but love, as we also know, manifests itself in different ways, not just the romantic (and heavily idealised) version.

The Greeks clearly distinguished all the different types of love by name and characteristics, being Agape (Love for everyone) what we call nowadays ‘Universal love’, which I think encompasses all kinds of love. Thus, I feel Agape is the wholesome and complete love, and, therefore, the real meaning of love as a unique notion. I strive to experience, manifest and define love by Agape the most, though it is not an easy task, since years of brainwashing, continuous bad examples and division, have managed to confuse almost the entire world.

I can say, with total honesty, that I still struggle with some of the different types of love, and the way I feel Agape works, as wholesome and complete love, it does need of all types in good measure.

So I set to build this quiz (inspired by this goal, and helped by my interest in Psychology and Sociology as well as this article: 6 Words For Love > ) in order to have a clear picture of where I am on the path to Agape, as well as find out if I had an excess of a crude type of love –and notion of love- which could interfere with my personal development and experience of Agape.

It is my hope that it helps you, too, if you feel, as I do, that there is more to love and life than what we have been sold.

1. When you think of love, who is the first person that comes to your mind?


2. What keeps you awake at night?


3. What scares you?


4. What makes you the happiest?


5. Choose a colour:


6. What do you think of Saint Valentine’s Day?


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