Merchandising designer based in Brighton and Hove.

One Off Comedy

During my time (2020 – 2022) as Head of Marketing, Digital Content and Communications for One Off Comedy (Puppy Ltd´s Entertainment division) I designed and built, among other digital and multimedia projects, their website as well as edited and designed their blog, produced and edited their video podcast and trailers and designed their merch as well as set up their ecommerce.

You can browse their website online at:

Riverflow Acupuncture

Launched in April 2023, Riverflow Acupuncture has benefited from my services in:

  • Web / eCommerce and mobile design and infrastructure.
  • Graphics and video content.
  • Content editing.
  • SEO Strategy and on-page SEO.
  • Email Marketing automation design and set up.
  • Customer relations tools design and set up.

I loved working for Riverflow. Rebecca Bond is an incredible acupuncturist. She provides Acupuncture and related treatments in the areas of Brighton and Hove and Worthing.
She is a dream client, with a clear vision and quick to provide all the information and materials needed for her project.

You can see Riverflow´s website online at:
Rebecca raves about my work at: