OOC Zoom Podcast

All live events were cancelled due to local and national pandemic-related lockdowns for several months in 2020 and 2021. In order to mitigate losses and prepare the ground for higher growth once open, I planned and developed a digital and content strategy, which included a Zoom podcast. This tactic served to create brand and talent awareness, facilitating OOC´s later sold out shows.

I helped produce, plus edited and post-produced the following episodes and teaser videos:

Shadow Caste * UI Mockups & Graphic Elements

Shadow Caste is a desktop (Windows and Mac) interactive 3D adventure storytelling game designed and developed collaborately by artists at HitRECord. I designed 2 different style sets of graphics compositions for the start, main menu and loading screens as well as multi-purpose icons. My style 2 mockup and individual items were chosen – amongst hundreds of other artists submissions – and finally used in the game.

Collaborative Work for HitRECord – © Shared.
HitRECord is the production company and artists’ network of actor and filmmaker Joseph Gordon-Levitt.