Project entry cover for IG Trailer Reel for Tiempo

IG Trailer Reel for Kindle Launch of “Tiempo” by JMQ

About “Tiempo”

“Tiempo” – published in 2022 – is the first poetry book by Spanish author Joaquín Martín Quirosa.

If you speak Spanish, or are looking for a very special gift for a friend/loved one who does, do not hesitate to get them the Kindle version, which is now available for purchase wordlwide.

Click on the book cover image next to the video (on desktop) or below it (on mobile) to access the Kindle version.

Manifestation video project

Star Manifestation * IG Reel

A little video clip I created for IG Reels exploring the core basis of the concept of manifestation.

Strategy: This piece of content served as an example of the topic represented by utilising it for brand recognition.

Visual elements: Stock footage clips and original text edited, and effects applied, with YouCut (mobile app).

Audio: Sound effects from YouCut. Song “Toward the mountains” by Gioele Fazzeri.