Merchandising Design

I am told that my designs elevate every piece of merch to fashion level, making them highly-desired items. I certainly enjoy designing for clothing and accessories as they are a very immediate tangible way for people to express themselves. When it comes to businesses and organisations, attractive merchadising can serve a dual purpose of both revenue and advertising.

Resonance Musiq

Logo, Iconised Logo and Merch Gear

UnBoxifyMe Apparel & Accessories

A Wonderlance´s entertainment digital property, Unboxifyme had a large ever-growing Gen-Z and young Millennials fan base (who love to express themselves via unique clothing).

These are some samples of the popular merch apparel and accessories I created for the brand, which were sold on the website (no longer online) and on the Zazzle POD marketplace.

  • Merchandising designer, apparel designer in Brighton and Hove.