graphic designer in Brighton and Hove

Posters and Leaflets

Like a chameleon, my design style fluidly varies to match the subject at hand, the target audience and the intended purpose. I am used to create all kinds of assets for a wide range of clients from corporate to entertainment and from B2B to B2C.

Poster for “Cast From The Storm

One-page leaflet for Williams Estates

print-on-demand merch designer in Brighton and Hove

Merchandising Design

I am told that my designs elevate every piece of merch to fashion level, making them highly-desired items. I certainly enjoy designing for clothing and accessories as they are a very immediate tangible way for people to express themselves. When it comes to businesses and organisations, attractive merchadising can serve a dual purpose of both revenue and advertising.

Resonance Musiq

Logo, Iconised Logo and Merch Gear

Logos and Gear