Brand, Digital, Marketing and Content Strategist in Brighton and Hove, UK

Marketing & Content Strategy

These are some recent examples of my Marketing & Content Strategy work (that I can share).
Click on each image to access the specific plan presentation.

Shelter Hall

Industry / Sector: Hospitality

Request: Campaign of promotions and events to acquire customers during the low season and increase brand/venue awareness.


Industry / Sector: Education, Edtech, SAAS

Request: Drive 1,000 tutorials for the month of September 2023 including CRM channels.

Projects Abroad

Industry / Sector: Travel & Volunteering

Request: Increase conversions (by the company´s target percentages) and reduce cost per lead/customer acquisition cost (optimising ROI).


Industry / Sector: Integrated Marketing Agency

Request: Increase agency revenue (by the company´s target number) via new contracts from client type A (Business) and augment traffic and engagement from client type B (Marketers/Marketing Students).

As per the company´s request, I also created a Looker Studio (formerly known as Google Data Studio) GA4 data visualisation dashboard showing traffic numbers, on-site engagement and conversions.

OOC Branding, Marketing & Advertising

During my time (2020 – 2022) as Head of Marketing, Digital Content and Communications for One Off Comedy (Puppy Ltd´s Entertainment division) I planned and managed their Integrated Marketing and Events (200+ Professional Stand-up Comedy ticketed shows). Additionally, I designed One Off Comedy´s core talent logo as well as all their events´ advertising materials – online and offline – and social media assets (samples below).

My 2D logo was reproduced into a physical 3D stage backdrop logo which proved to be extremely successful at driving fan engagement and organic growth. Audience members everywhere loved taking selfies and group photos on stage – with the logo behind them – and sharing them on social media tagging One Off Comedy.

Thanks to my well-planned strategies and multidisciplinary skills, they experienced amazing growth whilst staying well within their marketing budget:

. 1,127.27% increase in customer acquisition.
. 1,618.18% increase in revenue.

One Off Comedy core founding talent logo

One Off Comedy Marketing & Advertising assets

Below, you will find some Evenbrite Event Headers, a Facebook Header, a couple of posters and the images and titles for the blog series ´10 Minutes in the Life of A Comedian”. These are just a few samples from the hundreds of marketing and advertising materials I created for OOC: