Which ‘Game Of Thrones’ Power-Couple Are You?

A fun quiz for those who read and loved the books in the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series by George R.R. Martin, and/or follow the hit HBO TV adaptation, and an insight into their most prominent positive attributes for those who know nothing about either, the books or the show.

Find out which couple, of five featured from the series, and their combined positive attributes, resemble your most prominent qualities, by taking this quiz. Go on, I dare you.

1. Your enemies must…


2. What’s your most prominent weakness?


3. You can be more easily deceived by others when they…


4. Pick your favourite quote on Love out of the following:


5. What’s your most consistent outlook on life?


6. How would you handle being constantly disappointed by your own family?


7. In your perfect world, you would…


8. What do you most value receiving from others?


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An original quiz by Syl R. Martin ©

Would You Be Survivor or Zombie?

Generally depicted as rising from the dead, or becoming undead, the zombie reflects one of the most terrifying of our nightmares.

Early tales of zombies described corpses turning into walking and biting creatures, by ways of voodoo spell and other types of black magic. Of course, this is a very unlikely scenario, but, lately, with the resurrection of the zombie genre as a very successful type of fiction horror, new hypotheses have been introduced into the writing of more likely scenarios, such as a mass infection by a virus like the rabies, that could turn humans into very violent creatures. Yes, even more so.

And, most recently, a species of fungi, like the Cordyceps, has been used as an explanation of how humans could be invaded by a parasite that controlled their behaviour.

Fear not, the latter is not probable, either.

But, still, you never know… so, are you ready to know how would you fare in that scenario?
Hey, better know now and be prepared. Take this quiz and find out!

Please go to Would You Be Survivor or Zombie? to view the test An original quiz by Syl R. Martin ©

What Type of Rebel Are You?

We all are rebellious since birth. It’s embedded in our genes, for the prime reason of survival, to question everything around us as soon as we become conscious of our surroundings. It’s only when we encounter our first ‘No’, usually voiced by our parents, that we become aware of rules others than Nature’s cause and consequence.

Throughout our lives, we’ll learn to control our intrinsic rebellious traits in favour of peaceful coexistence and social advancement; Some of us will drown any inclination to rebel in any way; some of us will die before suppressing completely that part of us, some of us will indulge in it; some will be required to unleash it at some point, and, some of us will naturally go through alternating phases, depending on our life’s circumstances and particular psychological/emotional state at any given time.

Therefore and having been established this fact, there’s only one thing left to know:
What type of Rebel are you, or are ‘channeling’ at this time of your life?

One can be more than one type of Rebel. If you have felt strongly inclined to mark more than one answer for each question, take the quiz again, marking on this occasion the options that you also favoured the first time but dismissed then. That way you will have a more complete portrait of your intrinsic rebellious nature.

Please go to What Type of Rebel Are You? to view the test An original quiz by Syl R. Martin ©